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System Utilities

Free Zip Software 1.4.9 in Free Zip Software

Free Zip Software is a very small, fast and efficient Zip utility for compression and decompression of files and directories. Free Zip Software integrates with Windows Explorer and tt uses file associations and context menus to zip or unzip files and subdirectories.

Anonymous Surfer in

Privacy is currently the greatest concern of Internet users. Zilla Anonymous Surf product is designed to actively protect your privacy, to make sure that other people and organizations on the Internet cannot identify you, see which sites you visit, or even see where in the world you reside. Also gives you control over your Internet connection: watch incoming and outgoing data, block all types of advertisements, and even trace the owner of a site.

File Squad 2.0 in LutoSoft

File Squad is a powerful file encryption utility which is also intended for various kinds of file operations: Create SFX archive, Split File, Change multiple files attributes, multi renaming, etc... The user friendly and intuitive interface allows you to do all operations easily and effectively. In Addition, File Squad comes fully loaded with a wide range of great and interesting file functions and utility tools.

Pocket Text Editor 1.3 in

This is simple multipage pocket text editor. It does not add any formating to your text files. This helps you safely edit any plain text files. For example, text, XML, and configuration settings files. This program requires .NET Pocket framework. Installation can be made only from your Pocket PC. Please, save this CAB file into your Pocket PC and start it.

Award Winning PC Error Repair 2007.21011 in PC Forever

ErrorSmart uses the industry's most advanced error-resolution technology and puts it to work for you. By scanning your hard drive, analyzing the errors and correcting the problems, ErrorSmart can restore your system performance and increase startup speed by 70 percent. Whether it's incomplete uninstalls, failed installations, driver issues or spyware infections, ErrorSmart will rid you of your computer problems in just minutes. - FREE DOWNLOAD

Fix PC Registry Errors Pro 2007.21011 in Clean Registry

Scan your system for free, finding all of the errors in your Windows registry in minutes. This software isn't just a Windows Registry Cleaner - it's also a Kernel32 DLL error message fix and access violation repair software. PC ERROR SWEEPER will go to work fixing your computer's errors, restoring your registry, increasing the speed, performance and the stability of your computer. - we guarantee it!

Hyper Fix Pc Error Repair 2007.21011 in Hyyper Fix

ErrorSmart has been designed to scan your entire computer for all of the factors that lead to a corrupt Windows registry. Once ErrorSmart has located the issues, it goes to work fixing the problems. In just a few minutes, ErrorSmart gets your registry back in shape and restores the speed and performance of your PC.

Privacy Assured PC Protection 2007.21011 in Secure PC Control

PrivacyControl is leading privacy protection software. By shredding unwanted and unneeded files and erasing your computer footprints, PrivacyControl makes sure that your privacy is never compromised.

Privacy Max PC Evidence Eraser 2007.21011 in Privacy Max Protect

Most everything you've deleted on your computer can be recovered? It's true. A computer forensic expert can find what you've deleted. EvidenceSmart can locate your past deleted data and destroy it forever. How serious can the consequences of internet history be? The consequences can be horrific: conflict, quarrel, divorce, criminal prosecution, etc. Thousands of people fall victim to these circumstances every year. Protect yourself NOW!

PC ALL PRIVACY CONTROL TOOL 2007.21011 in Secure Lock Down

PrivacyControl is the leading privacy protection software. By shredding unwanted and unneeded files and erasing your computer footprints, PrivacyControl makes sure that your privacy is never compromised.

MagicTweak 4.10 in EFREESKY SOFTWARE

MagicTweak is a special program designed to optimize and personalize Microsoft Windows. It provides one-stop, instant access to a variety of Windows settings that can be altered for a friendlier Windows environment.This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows , so there is no longer any need to dig through the registry looking for that specific setting that just doesn't seem to be there.

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor 2.10 in Abaiko Software

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor is a program monitoring free space on the disks of your computer. The news that there is not enough space on the disk will not take you by surprise in the worst time any more and you will no longer have to worry about it. The tool is intended for both regular home users and system administrators that need space for quickly growing logs of various systems, enlarging databases, data backups, or for software caching data.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery 4.1 in Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh data recovery software, recovers data from damaged, deleted, or corrupted volumes and even from initialized disks. A thorough scan of the drive is performed to locate lost volume list. Stellar Phoenix Macintosh supports Snow Leopard and works completely in the Mac OS environment -Software supports Audio & Video preview recovers Mac files like MXF, MUS, AAC, NSF, KDC, ARW, DNG, file format.

TheOne Computer Inventory Server 2.3.0 in TheOne Software Corporation Limited

Computer Inventory Server is using to gather your network PC's software and hardware information. Software information includes installed window OS, software, MS Packs/Update/Hotfix, drivers and running services. Hardware information includes CPU details, no of ram, harddisk space, network card, and etc. It can also generate customized hardware and software inventory report for management.

File Renamer 1.0 in

File, Rename, Renamer, Renaming, thousands, millions, hundreds of thousands, File, Rename, Renamer, Renaming, thousands, millions, hundreds of thousands

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