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Latest News

Monsterwave 1.5 in Falco Software Company

The city was destroyed by an unknown anomalous phenomenon. The government decided to send scientists to the city, and they disappeared. Now you, with a group of soldiers, need to find out what happened. Upon arrival, you will find out that this place has become a den of unknown monsters that look like people and feed on living creatures. You need to destroy all the monsters and find the remains of the expedition.

Undead Crown 1.4 in Falco Software Company

The world is full of zombies. The old base became a refuge for the survivors. Now it is a new home for people from the immediate vicinity. The base is impregnable and well protected from all sides. But even she could not withstand the attacks of the zombies that broke through on her through the portals. You need to recapture the base and protect civilians. Weapons are scattered around the base to help you defend.

Gunzone 1.7 in Falco Software Company

Your entire squad was raised by alarm at night. Enemy forces have attacked your bunker. Having got out to the surface, you found that the enemy outnumbers you many times. You need to show unprecedented courage and skills to defeat so many enemies. You need to protect the base at all costs, otherwise the enemies will seize all your weapons.

Otherbase 1.4 in Falco Software Company

the military conducted an experiment to teleport objects. But during the experiment, a failure occurred and a portal to an unknown world was opened. A group of researchers was sent to him, but the connection with them was cut off. After a while, demons began to move from the portal to our world, the entire base turned into hell. Its entire territory is completely surrounded by the military. You are sent there in order to scout the situation.

Dungeonzone 1.5 in Falco Software Company

An abandoned old factory full of monsters. The monsters went hunting. And the goal of this hunt is a living person. Kill all the monsters and destroy this place so that no one else falls into this trap. Watch out for fast monsters and keep your distance.

Bloodreward 1.5 in Falco Software Company

A small city was attacked by demons. The villagers had to flee, but not all of them agreed to leave their home and the bravest warriors decided to retake their city. Kill all the monsters and free your home. A small city was attacked by demons. The villagers had to flee, but not all of them agreed to leave their home and the bravest warriors decided to retake their city. Kill all the monsters and free your home.

Dark Survival 1.7 in Falco Software Company

The world after the virus pandemic plunged into darkness. Over time, the cities began to collapse and turn into ruins. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. You continue to search for a safe place to establish a camp. Nearby you again find a small town, and in the hope of finding useful supplies there you set out for the city. It turned out that there is a queen of monsters in the city. You need to destroy all mutants and kill their queen.

Flesh Of The Zombie 2.0 in Falco Software Company

A zombie apocalypse happened and most of the world's population became bloodthirsty monsters. You and several of your neighbors have barricaded the street. Now you have to protect the street from zombies and not allow to break on. You cant retreat, behind your families. Destroy all the zombies!

Mars Defence 3 2.0 in Falco Software Company

A human colony on Mars was attacked by unknown creatures. You are sent as part of a space landing to defend the colony. Upon arrival, you discover that almost the entire colony has been destroyed and was captured by unknown creatures. Armed to the teeth, you decide to give battle to these monsters.

Extreme Car Parking 3 2.0 in Falco Software Company

A new part in the Extreme Parking game series. You again have to drive a racing car and park it in the designated place. You need to get to the parking place avoiding traffic cones and other obstacles along the way. Complete tasks and improve your parking skills. You can also tune your car. You have access to many tuning parts for cars.

Extreme Sport Car Driver 1.8 in Falco Software Company

You have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a powerful supercar. Feel the full power of this racing car. A racing track is at your disposal where you can drive at maximum speed. You can try to set a speed record by riding this track. For more immersion, use the camera from the cabin, it will give you a real supercar driving experience.

I Kill Dead People 2.0 in Falco Software Company

Crowds of zombies invaded the earth through the portals. In an attempt to escape, you will come across an abandoned factory. Protect the factory from zombie invasion. Destroy all portals to stop the invasion. Be careful not to get caught ...

Battleground 2049 2.0 in Falco Software Company

In the courtyard of 2049, the world is mired in wars. You are sent to a small town to clear it of enemy troops. Destroy all enemy vehicles to complete the mission.Features:- 5 types of weapons- third-person view- missions

Dark Tunels 2.7 in Falco Software Company

White collar, Richard, came home after hellish working days, went to bed on autopilot and fell, forgot even about food. A couple of minutes before the complete blackout, turned on the TV, news, eyes are closed, sleep comes. Less than half an hour, the madness began in the room, something terrible swept over the body of the main character, and began to penetrate his consciousness. Scramble Help Richard defeat the evil and wake up!

Dangerous Deads 2.2 in Falco Software Company

After the explosion, at one of the secret laboratory for the development of dangerous viruses, people began to get sick. After several days, the patient died and turned into a zombie. Introduced quarantine. The virus spread very quickly, but also quickly disappeared. Who hid did not get infected and survived. Now the danger is zombies. Kill all the zombies.

Monsters Of Wasteland 2.2 in Falco Software Company

People completely destroyed the Earth. Cities and villages are abandoned. Only monsters from terrible tales live here. Now it's hard to survive. Rare surviving people come across. People with weapons. Destroy monsters and try to survive in this Desolation of monsters.


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