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Latest News

Dark Box Zomb Attack 3.1 in Falco Software Company

Evil zombie clowns attacked the world from boxes. They are very dangerous and hungry. Crowds of monsters roam around. You must defeat them. Good luck!

Bulk MBOX files to Outlook 365 1.0 in Bulk MBOX files to Outlook 365

Trust MBOX file converter, it helps you to execute the bulk MBOX files to Outlook 365 conversion process in quick and easy manner without losing any data.

Export OLM Mac to Gmail 1.0 in Export OLM Mac to Gmail

You can easily export OLM Mac to Gmail online by using the all-new Mac OLM file converter tool, software supports batch export OLM Mac to Gmail location too without any error.

Open MBOX file in PDF format 1.0 in Open MBOX file in PDF format

Now you can open MBOX file in PDF format with the help of MBOX file converter tool in quick and easy mode in batch mode. Software helps you to open MBOX file in PDF format and other standard file formats and cloud-based emails too.

Arkanoid Classic 12.6 in Falco Software Company

Behold classic Arkanoid with a twist. The goal is simple, clear the blocks using your platform and the bouncing balls. Variety of bonuses (but be careful some are also dangerous). Nearly 50 combinations of blocks which are chosen randomly, so you do not have bored of replaying levels Did not like the level? Start a new game or be patient and keep playing through and see how far you can get!

Neon Coliseum 4.4 in Falco Software Company

Once in a very distant colored galaxy a hero was born, who was not like the others. At a time when all the surrounding creatures were of one particular color, our protagonist was immediately of all colors at once. Because of it, he was subjected to the worst that was in this world - colorism. For many years Willie The Wheel was chased by everyone, he had no work, no family, no friends. Life drove him to the dead end, and at that moment he met a s

Cat The Game 1.1 in Falco Software Company

Quite an interesting game with a good storyline and interesting gameplay. The plot of the game tells about a cat whose owner has disappeared. The player's task: controlling the cat, save the owner. Of course, this should not be easy, because on his way there will be dangerous locations, a huge pile of obstacles, both static and moving. On game locations, you can also find hearts to increase the number of lives. There can be no more than three. Th

Esak 1.1 in Falco Software Company

You are a noble knight who must protect the princess locked in the tower. Goblins, skeletons and mega-pigs constantly come to you. Your main weapon is a spear with which you can kill them. Your goal is to survive as long as possible and save the life of the princess. Good luck gentlemen.

Eger 1.2 in Falco Software Company

Eger is a colorful and enjoyable side-scrolling platform shooter. Insectoid aliens have attacked the earth. You ended up in a dense forest with no connection. You need to get out of the forest and call for help. The hero can cling to vines, press buttons, move stones, throw them on the heads of enemies, which leads to their instant death. Also in the game there are puzzle elements, from the banal to find the key, to more difficult moments!

Space Ghost 1.2 in Falco Software Company

This is a game about a spaceship that is trying to destroy all the asteroids. There are only 2 modes in the game: story (1,2,3 level), and endless mode. The spaceship has 100 hp, a collision with an asteroid removes 20. Everything is simple with the controls: A and D are responsible for turning, W - for moving forward, SPACE - shooting from a laser.

Winter 1.4 in Falco Software Company

Winter-strategy where you need to protect your kingdom. In this game you will meet a lot of Slavic mythology and creatures from it. You are a king who is doomed to be a prisoner of the Slavic deity of frost, who uses your power trying to defeat the vodyanoy, another Slavic creature that has gone crazy in this world. Create your army and build red-hot walls so that the heat from them frightens the very spirit of winter. Study and explore the world

Clesty 2.4 in Falco Software Company

Clesty is a platformer where you have to go through all the dangerous levels, get out of the mysterious forest and solve its terrible secret! Not everyone can handle this difficult task! Clesty is a platformer where you have to go through all the dangerous levels, get out of the mysterious forest and solve its terrible secret! Not everyone can handle this difficult task!

3D Puzzle Game 2.5 in Falco Software Company

In this 3D puzzle game, your goal is to take the pink cube out of bounds platforms. The pink cube can only move back and forth. But the rest of the pieces will move along different axes. Sometimes they can be a barrier, and sometimes can help you win. If you are where if you make a mistake, you can reload the level at any time. Controls: W, A, S, D. Genre: Arcade

Gravity Mummy 2.9 in Falco Software Company

One of the old pyramids was looted. Time to Wake up for the vigilant guardian in the form of a mummy, which has only one goal - to return all the treasures back and punish everyone in its path, including its assistants who allowed this incident. Gravity mummy a platformer puzzle game in which we act as a mummy on the shoulders of which lay not easy tests. To overcome the challenges, our podboechny have super abilities with which he can move hea

Plasma Attack 2.4 in Falco Software Company

Star Steel is a vertical scrolling shooter with a top view.Alien forces appeared in space, and began to take over planet after planet. Beat off the attack of all the enemies on the way and destroy the bosses. To act, it is necessary to think carefully, timely and accurately. You have full military readiness, and you have all the necessary ammunition. Your mission is complex and extremely important, so try not to fail it. Go ahead, to meet the vic

I Can See The Future 4.2 in Falco Software Company

The action takes place in an alternate reality. The world is ruled by bureaucracy. Predatory creatures like lycanthropes and vampires live in peace with people and have equal rights.The game implements destructible objects, some of them can affect the gameplay. Lighting in some locations plays an important role, as in the dark you can not see who is hiding in it. And from people can be hide in dense areas of vegetation.The performing force of t


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