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Zombie Attack From Forest 2.5 in Falco Software Company

After hunting in the forest, you decided to spend the night in a hut. Suddenly, the noise of the birds in the forest fell silent and strange noises were heard. Taking the lantern out of the hut to check. In the light of the lantern, the first zombie arose. Not believing their eyes, they hit a lantern and rushed back for arms.

Zombies In Ruins City 2.5 in Falco Software Company

A disease escaping from a bacteriological laboratory has killed many people. Surviving people were hiding from the virus at home. But it turned out that the virus not only killed people, but also turned them into the living dead. Zombies began to catch the survivors. So far, everyone has not turned into a zombie; you need to find a vaccine against a dangerous virus. You have recovered to the place of the former laboratory. Find the vaccine and ki

Shadows Ruined City 2.5 in Falco Software Company

A ruined city full of scary zombies. To the terrible virus that killed most of the inhabitants of the Earth many years ago, immunity has developed. Survivors began to rebuild the city, but the dead began to revive. Zombies attacked people and hunters appeared. Zombie hunters. You are one of these hunters. Kill the living dead. Give people the opportunity to return to normal.

Shadows In The Fog 2.5 in Falco Software Company

Many years ago, a meteorite fell on Earth and lifted a cloud of dust covering the Sun. Darkness descended on Earth. Without the sun, people and animals began to die, and plants were covered with ashes. A lot of people mutated and turned into monsters. Only small groups of people hiding in the basements survived. Now only the bravest ones rise to the surface in search of provisions.

Zombie Scream 2 2.5 in Falco Software Company

Another zombie jumped out from behind a car. Ominously open mouth did not bode well. A quick shot from my weapon threw the zombies half a meter back. This zombie is no longer dangerous. Immediately I felt a sharp pain from the teeth of another zombie, sneaking up behind.

Night Shadows 2.5 in Falco Software Company

A ruined city full of scary night monsters. Terrible shadows, in the darkness, prowl among old cars in search of food. And this food is you. The flashlight beam showed the living dead. Shoot accurately or replenish the army of the dead.

City Labyrinth 2 2.5 in Falco Software Company

A signal arrived at the guard post. Monsters attacked the south wing of the bunker. I have been given the task of finding out whether this is true or not! When I went there, I accidentally pressed the button for automatically closing the doors, as soon as the doors closed, monsters were already coming at me! Clear this zone from monsters!

Aliens Invasion 2 2.2 in Falco Software Company

A distress signal came from one of the human colonies. The colony was attacked by an unknown race of aliens. The military sent a detachment to protect the colony. Upon arrival, you find that part of the colony has been destroyed, and the main governing bodies have been captured. You have to fight alien invaders and liberate the colony.

Cursed Dungeon 2 2.2 in Falco Software Company

You went down into the dungeon in search of the missing scientists. Scientists explored the dungeon and mysteriously disappeared. It is teeming with hordes of different monsters. Having found their things, you decide to track them down to find out what happened. You will have to fight hordes of monsters to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a group of scientists.

Aliens Invasion 2.2 in Falco Software Company

The invasion of alien monsters began on the earth. Humanity has suffered huge losses in this war. The war was won and some of the alien invaders retreated. But on Earth there are still alien combat units that from time to time attack human settlements and bases. You need to repel one of these attacks and protect the civilian population.

The Defense Of Airport 2 2.2 in Falco Software Company

You were sent to protect the military airport from enemies. Crowds of monsters rushed to attack the airport. You need to keep the defense and destroy as many monsters as possible. Use your arsenal of weapons to defend the airport. Send the monsters back to hell.

Creatures City 2.2 in Falco Software Company

The city was attacked by monsters and all residents were evacuated. monsters have taken over the city and now feel like masters in it. Your squad, together with a small army, is sent to liberate the city. As it turned out, there are a lot of monsters in the city and it will take a lot of time and fighters to free it. You need to liberate the city and destroy all the monsters so that the inhabitants can return home.

Cursed Dungeon 3 2.2 in Falco Software Company

You keep looking for scientists. With each passing minute you descend lower and lower into the dungeon. The monsters are getting stronger and stronger. Despite the combat skills, it becomes more and more difficult to advance further. At one point, you were trapped in a large room that hid the nests of monsters. Many monsters woke up from their sleep and attacked your group. Now you have to fight off the crowd of monsters and continue your search.

Dread Town 2.2 in Falco Software Company

Your car broke down on an abandoned road in the desert. In the distance, you noticed a small town and went there in search of help. There were no residents in the city and it looked abandoned. After dark, strange sounds began to come from the buildings and at midnight various creatures crawled out of there. Now you need to escape from this old town and get to the car.

Attack Of The Undead 4 2.5 in Falco Software Company

You again have to fight with the crowds of animated skeletons. You heard rumors that in abandoned ruins, people began to notice more and more alive skeletons. You went to the ruins to find out. As it turned out, the rumors were true and this place is teeming with skeletons. Close all portals and stop the invasion of animated skeletons.

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