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Games & Entertainment::Arcade

Elf Vs Zombie In Ruine 2.2 in Falco Software Company

The virus completely destroyed people on Earth and turned them into the living dead. Zombies in the ruined city scour for food. Zombies need to be destroyed. You, a young elf, were sent to fight a zombie in a ruined city. Kill all the zombies.

Elf Vs Zombie Ruined City 2.2 in Falco Software Company

In this game you have to kill zombies. In the ruined city, crowds of hungry zombies. You have to play for the elf. The elf has a magic staff, with which you can shoot zombies. Kill as many zombies as possible.

Caufin 2.1 in Falco Software Company

It is a 2D Platformer where the goal is to get to the end and get the banana! To get to the banana you first have to shoot some pesky enemies. There are 11 levels, good luck!

Happy Fly 2.0 in Falco Software Company

HappyFly is a fun game. In which you play as a red bird. Dodge obstacles and catch coins. If you miss a coin, you will lose. Bird management on SPACE.

Hero Game 2.1 in Falco Software Company

I advise you to play it. Very interesting game. Graphics lovers will love this game. Let's play it!

Rumper 2.2 in Falco Software Company

"Rumper" is a infite hardcore game with never ending obstacles and fun. Collect as many stars as possible while avoiding anything red. Prove yourself to have lighting-fast reactions and have fun!

Snow Adventures 2.4 in Falco Software Company

SnowA dventures - An exciting game in which you have to go through exciting levels. With each level, the game will become harder.

Unborn 2.1 in Falco Software Company

Instead of jumping around, you have the power to directly affects this world... Use it carefully!

Battle Bird 7.8 in Falco Software Company

Battle Bird is a game where you play as a bird named Jack. Colorful levels with well-designed physics and a pleasant atmosphere will dazzle. Help the Jack collect all of the gold stars. Good Luck!

Billiardino 2 8.9 in Falco Software Company

Like billiards? Then this game is for you! In Billiardino 2 you can play against the computer or together with his friend. With simple, intuitive controls, you quickly learn how to play. Beautiful graphics and pleasant music will keep you entertained!

Zedong 2 2.0 in Falco Software Company

A beautiful game that relaxes. Pleasant gameplay and stylish graphics is what you need! This game fits all these requirements, come on in!

Gravity Balls 2.0 in Falco Software Company

Gravity Balls is the game in which you have to show your ingenuity. In the game, you need to throw the ball so that it reaches the finish. But you also need to take into account the attraction of other balls. You can also adjust the force of the throw. You have to pass 12 levels.

Ball Escape 3D 2 2.0 in Falco Software Company

This is the second part of the Ball Escape 3D game. This game has better graphics, better music, better everything. 10 interesting levels. Shiny texture. Arrows for walking. Download and play.

Orbital Guardian 2.0 in Falco Software Company

Many asteroids fly around the Earth. Defend the planet from asteroids. Use bombs and rockets. Start the engine of your spaceship and take off. Good luck!

Endless Maze 2.0 in Falco Software Company

A game for all puzzle lovers, namely mazes. Endless levels and nice design all you need for a good game. All levels are unique and even after a week of play you can't meet two of the same. There is always a way out, remember this and try to find it!

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