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Reroll 2.7 in Falco Software Company

What happens if young and promising, but really wayward king dies in an accident? Distant relatives start strifes, trying to claim a free throne, kingdom plunges into chaos and Death, which was about to go to the vacation, goes mad because of the amount of work. Is there a way to fix everything? Making a deal with Death and becoming almost immortal while trying to get your castle back in exchange for some spoils of war sounds totally legit!

Rover 2.7 in Falco Software Company

This game was created by me in honor of the first 1000 downloads under my last game (KLICKS). I create games quickly, but I put my soul into each of them. Rover is a small game for those who want to play a little simple but interesting game. You will have to play for the rover, which must explore the caves of the red planet.

Rolling Soccer Ball 2.3 in Falco Software Company

RollingSoccerBall - One of the most hardcore games from Vlasov Sergey Apps! In this game you need to by any means roll the soccer ball to the finish line. You can control both the ball itself and the field!

Puzzle 2.3 in Falco Software Company

Puzzle is a first-person puzzle in which you have to find a way out and solving puzzles.

Fox Journey 2.3 in Falco Software Company

In this game, you are a little fox who ran out of food and went to get it. The main character's goal is to explore the world around him and not die. During the game you will come across various obstacles and rewards. To win, you need to collect as much food as possible and return home. P.S. Beware of various creatures.

Save The Platty 2.9 in Falco Software Company

The rules of this game are very simple, you should evade the platform under the name Platty, from falling blocks. Set your record in the game, after holding out more seconds, and it will not be easy, because with every second the game becomes more and more difficult. Simple platformer will help you to train your reaction to the limit. Control keys: A and D! Good luck!

Geek 2.8 in Falco Software Company

Analogue of the game "Who wants to be a millionaire." Prove to everyone that you are a real geek! Go through 15 interesting questions and become confident in your IT knowledge.

Mystical Investigation 2.8 in Falco Software Company

You are a private detective who needs to solve a terrible, mysterious crime. Interview suspects and witnesses. Explore the gloomy locations of the house. Do not go crazy with scary ghosts. Solve puzzles. Examine the evidence and build a chain of crime. The gloomy atmosphere, music and ghosts will not allow you to calmly investigate. The game will appeal to lovers of scary games such as House of Fear, House of Horrors, 100 doors and others. Playin

Geek 2 2.8 in Falco Software Company

Take the test programmer. Answer all information technology questions correctly. Prove to everyone that you are a smart and smart programmer! No options for error.

Saw Escape 2.8 in Falco Software Company

Help the hero get out of the eerie basement, consisting of dark rooms filled with sinister objects. It is not known who locked the main character of this game in a gloomy basement. Whoever it was, he clearly did not plan anything good. Examine the damp underground premises. Be careful and do not miss anything important. Look for hidden objects and use them to solve logic puzzles. Try all ways to find the keys to locked doors that separate the her

Easy Drawing 2.8 in Falco Software Company

Simple and convenient drawing app for the whole family. Large color palette, resizable tassels. Quick reset of the whole picture. Management is carried out using a computer mouse or stylus. You can use the application for entertainment or for work. Drawing for everyone!

Home Darkness Escape 2.9 in Falco Software Company

You have to play a man who spent his whole life searching for treasure. According to the found historical data, he decided to find an ancient hidden treasure in an old gloomy house. The protagonist and does not suspect what secrets and riddles await anyone who decides to enter this house. You start the game on the first floor of a terrible house, your task is to find treasures. Two floors with many rooms are waiting for you. In each room you have

Stickman Killer 3 2.8 in Falco Software Company

We present you, dear lovers of toys on android, a new game about stickmans - Stickman killer 3. In this toy, amazing kills and puzzles and puzzles will await you again. In our game you will be presented as bloodthirsty zombies who really want to enjoy other characters - stickmans. For those who like to play with fantastic characters that kill people, this game is great. After all, you will see splashes of blood that will go from sinful people. It

Aquafish 2.9 in Falco Software Company

Build an aquarium, play "three in a row" and defeat all the bosses! Aquafish! Welcome to the next colorful and exciting game from Dmitry Starodymov. You will find a stunning vibrant, underwater world of Aqua fish with your life and trials. Your task is to develop and decorate the aquarium for points that you can earn by playing "three in a row". The more coins you have, the more beautiful you can make your tank and fill with various living creatu

Stickman Jetpack 2.9 in Falco Software Company

Fly to the finish. You will play for Stickman, who will fly with a jetpack. Your task is from point A to reach point B or hold on for a few seconds depending on the level. Fly and survive! You are waiting for the different levels where you need to control the height of the rise and fall. You will have a certain amount of fuel to pass the level. On the way there will be various obstacles that can prevent you and even destroy you. In addition to mo

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