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Battle Village 1.8 in Falco Software Company

Battle Village - This is a Top Down Shooter with a top view, where the player has to drive a tank and defend the base from enemies. Battle Village is a game that will make you remember the past and help you experience new feelings. Dedicated to all fans of classic tanks. Defend your headquarters from various enemy tanks. Drive a combat vehicle, shoot all enemies, dodge obstacles, smash and collect bonuses. Many levels, many enemies and many bonus

Object Cleaning 2.7 in Falco Software Company

The main character randomly gets on the secret object "Cleaning". There he learns that an unforeseen catastrophe occurred on this site: all the personnel infected with an unknown virus, horrible monsters appeared. You have to get out of the laboratory, defeat monsters, using a different arsenal of weapons: from mines to machine gun turrets. The game contains scenes of blood.

Cold Wires 2.3 in Falco Software Company

Where this world is heading is no longer a question. The year 2045 with a rebellious machine with artificial intelligence, steel claws and firm confidence in every step goes on the hunt! You control this most deadly fighting machine, in which you have to destroy all the enemies who were in your zone of destruction. Cold wires-is a 2D arcade with a side view, the essence of which is to clean up the playing field and charge with the battery.

Click And Click 2.8 in Falco Software Company

In this insanely addictive game you will climb the career ladder, from cashier to financial director! Click on monsters, collect coins, buy upgrades and go from beginning to end, becoming the most successful clicker! Click & Click - It is an idle clicker where you can pump professions, kill various monsters, bosses and all this in engaging pixel art.

King Rocket 2.3 in Falco Software Company

Rocket launch - an indescribable experience that you will remember for a long time. In King rocket you have the opportunity to independently launch a rocket into the sky, and more than that, manage it. King rocket - is partly a flight simulator with a side view, partly a flyer. To begin with, the player needs to launch the device into the air and only then take control. If you operate the device incorrectly, and not to monitor the fuel gauge it a

Mad Rabbit 2.7 in Falco Software Company

Crazy rabbit goes on the warpath with other animals, armed with a cannon shooting carrots and loyal katana. Bloody inhabitants of forests, deserts and frozen lands are trying to stop a crazy rabbit who is unaware of what lies ahead for them ... Mad Rabbit - Top-Down-Shooter in the best traditions of the Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon, which has everything you need for all sorts of enemies, each level of difficulty of ages and monsters becom

Pull Me Out 2.6 in Falco Software Company

After completing the next special operation, you returned to the base. Your helicopter was shot down and you made an emergency evacuation in the deserted city. You must survive in a city infested with zombies. Collect weapons in hidden places marked on the radar. Use different weapons for destruction: knife, bow, pistol, shotgun, rifle. First-person shooter. Survival. Zombies and weapons. Several levels of the game and change the day - it's all i

General Coco 2.5 in Falco Software Company

Stolen all the eggs from the henhouse. It's time to punish all the kidnappers who encroached on someone else's good! It takes a General Coco. General Coco is a 2D platformer with elements of a shooter with a side view. The player will play the role of an unwavering soldier who must overcome all obstacles in his path, regardless of the insidious enemies. At the disposal of the General has 3 types of weapons, as well as soldier's wit.

D H Zombie Zone 2.8 in Falco Software Company

One day, one guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trying in the middle of the night to stroll by his favorite comic stall, he faced hordes of zombies. Will our hero survive until dawn? All in your hands! 2d shooter with a variety of enemies, weapons and bonuses.

Tinja 3.5 in Falco Software Company

"Tinja" is a logical puzzle game in which the player moves the stones through the maze in order to put them in the given final positions. Only one stone can be moved at a time, and the ball, which is controlled by the player, can only push the stones away from itself, but not drag them along. Stones put on the right position light up in red. When all of them will be in the right place, the portal to the next level will become active.

Woody Problem 3.5 in Falco Software Company

"Woody Problem" is a physical puzzle in which you need to put a beaver in the basket. Using mouse clicks, break wooden boxes, push stone blocks in the right direction and do everything you can, just return the beaver to the basket. The game has several types of game blocks. Wooden boxes and broken wooden boxes can be destroyed by pressing. Stone blocks can not be broken but they are as mobile as wooden. they can be pushed by other blocks and the

Magnetized Knight 3.0 in Falco Software Company

Knight goes on a dangerous mission in which he must pass all the puzzles of an abandoned castle- using gravity. Magnetized knight-platformer puzzle game in which we play the role of a knight deciding to pass all the tests. To overcome the challenges our hero will be given a gravity helmet with it you can change the gravity of the earth and easily overcome obstacles on the ceiling.

World Of Dangers 1.2 in Falco Software Company

The world has been destroyed. Terrible creatures from old legends populate the Earth. Surviving people hide underground in basements and the subway. Only the best warriors rise to the surface to get food. Kill as many monsters as possible.

Horror Windmill 2 1.2 in Falco Software Company

Having destroyed all the zombies and terribly tired, you decided to spend the night in this terrible village. But only when you fell asleep, through a dream, you heard a terrible roar. Quickly grabbing a weapon and running out into the yard. Monsters were walking from the mill. It looks like zombies appeared in the village for a reason.

Monsters From Night 1.2 in Falco Software Company

Now was not the season for rest. The houses were empty and the holidaymakers left. Night fell slowly over the town. A large moon appeared from behind a cloud and shadows appeared in its light. The monsters quickly rushed at you. Oh, and why did you survive to guard this town.

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